Freeze Frame: His Girl Friday

Last night we cooked at Freeze Frame's amazing event at Out of the Blue Drill Hall, Leith.

The screening, if you missed our last post, was His Girl Friday a 1940's screwball comedy featuring Cary Grand (Walter) and Rosalind Russell (Hildy).

Our day started early; marinading beef, roasting beetroot and chopping, chopping, chopping, in preparation for the night ahead.

We based the menu on Walter and Hildy's on/off relationship with hot and cold dishes, starting with chilled avocado soup and hot pepper toasts - a great dish to serve for large groups.

The base of the soup was leek, garlic, onion and freshly peeled tomato, which was chilled. Then at the last minute, for extra freshness, it was blended with avocado, mint, coriander and lime juice, and garnished with fresh herbs, cucumber, red onion and an ice cube. The toasts were topped with a roasted red pepper, garlic and chilli relish. 

Our main course was inspired not only by hot and cold, but also the beef and mustard sandwich Walter and Hildy eat at the restaurant in the film, but instead of mustard we used horseradish, which came in the form of ice cream.

The plates were prepped and ready for the mains, when disaster struck, the oven temperature gauge meant the cheeks were very far from braised, nightmare! So instead we served them in fine slices, with candied beetroot, nasturtium leaves, toasted hazelnuts and said horseradish ice-cream.

Unfortunately, because of the beef cheek debacle we didn't have much time to perfect our dessert of frozen berries with hot white chocolate and limoncello sauce, which eventually turned in to a warm berry soup! Luckily the taste was good and it was followed by a crowd pleasing peanut butter cookie. Huge sigh of relief!

We had such a fabulous time working with the team at Out of the Blue (and leaving the relative confines of our humble kitchen at AT HQ!). It's the most we have ever cooked for, and the best turn out for Freeze Frame so far, brilliant stuff!

Overall it was a fantastic opportunity for our fledgling company, and we're really looking forward to going back and putting all the positive (and negative) experiences in to action, to make our next collaboration with Freeze Frame even better.

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