This weekend we hosted a rather impromptu birthday pea party. After plenty of treats and eats, if seemed only fair to return the favour with a supper using a few of our favourite ingredients (rustled up in lightening speed) for one of Alright Treacle's youngest diners.

We started with a tricolore salad using stale bread roasted with olive oil and garlic. This was then added last minute to a combination of heritage tomatoes macerated in salt and lots of pepper, burrata and basil.

We then had my absolute favourite - lamb. This was pan fried loin, left lovely and pink, with uber rich dauphinoise potatoes, a salad of courgette, roasted aubergine, peas and mint, and a port and bay leaf sauce.

Finally, my go-to dessert of pear and hazelnut crumble with Frangelico custard and lemon thyme. 

The end of the meal signified it was time for that after dinner classic, Ferrero Rocher, and a round of forehead detective aka the Rizla game. Needless to say, Kermit the frog came last, even though we said he was Miss Piggy's girlfriend. Useless grown ups!