Freeze Frame: Some Like It Hot

Last night was our second dalliance with Freeze Frame Film Club, and it was absolutely fabulous (apologies for the limited snaps, but it was a rather busy service!).

The film in question was Some Like It Hot - one of our favourites, and the menu was based (very) loosely on different elements of the movie...

Starter - 'Some Like It Hot' - Spiced butternut, braised lentils & feta salad. This was a super fresh winter salad, with elements of spicy cumin and chilli heat, sweet peas and pomegranate seeds.

Main 1 - 'Mutton Dressed As Lamb' - Mutton stew, dauphinoise potatoes & caraway carrots. Our first attempt at cooking mutton, which made a very rich stew that we flavoured with fresh mint and a splash of balsamic vinegar. 

Main 2 - 'Friends Of Italian Opera' - Aubergine parmigiana, rocket salad & garlic bread. One of our favourite Italian dishes and a fantastic option if you're cooking for large groups.

Dessert - 'Sunshine State' - Set coconut cream, florentine biscuits, caramalised oranges & pineapple. A great little dessert that can be set in advance, which was a fresh light and zesty finish to the meal.

If you haven't been yet then get yourself down to Out of the Blue, Drill Hall for another Freeze Frame event, and keep your eyes peeled for even more movie opportunities in the New Year.

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