This week we were commissioned to create a supper around the theme of 'frozen', inspired by the fast approaching Christmas period.

To start we served our guests a frozen grapefruit and sea bass ceviche, with fennel, chicory, pomegranate, chilli, shallot, mint, dill, a light honey dressing, and of course lots of citrus from lemon and lime juice.

Our main course was far richer, with slow roasted beef cheeks, parsnip mash, candied beets, broad beans, watercress, hazelnuts and horseradish ice cream. 

Finally our fun little dessert consisted of brown bread semifreddo, vanilla meringues, raspberry jellies, praline, and a hot salted caramel sauce served at the table - a super sweet finish.

If you like the idea of coming up with an exciting theme for us to devise a menu around, then get in touch, and we would be happy to cater for you and your pals - info@alright-treacle.com.

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