Sunday with OH! Taste

This Sunday we spent the morning plating up a storm at the Secret Herb Garden, with photographer Olivia Halvorsen of OH! Taste, and good pal Hilary Sturzaker of Mymonkfish acclaim, who now also runs public relations at SHG.

After our initial meeting with Olivia (way back in June!), we were keen to collaborate on a project that brought together our passion for food, a unified aesthetic, and the beauty of an interesting Edinburgh landmark - the Secret Herb Garden was undeniably our first choice. So, after talking with Hilary over the summer it was agreed that SHG would work tremendously, but when would our conflicting diaries permit such a collaboration?? Four months later of course!

Finally, on Sunday, we were there, and the scene was set on a beautiful soft-lit morning in the glass house. After a recce of the wonderful edible flowers and herbs that were on offer in this living larder, we got started on four simple dishes that can be assembled easily at home.

We began with a crab rarebit – brown and white crab meat combined with cornichons, and topped with a layer of mature cheddar sauce. This was followed with a bowl of ripe figs and soft burrata, covered with lashings of peppery rocket and pistachio pesto.

Smoked chicken is a firm favourite of ours, so we created a dish using roasted leek and courgette, blue cheese and sprigs of fresh rosemary. Finally, that much loved retro classic - trifle, which we made in individual portions and decorated with blue borage flowers from the garden. All recipes will be added to our recipes page.

Every dish brought together the simple and clean flavours that we love here at AT, as well as herbs and flowers direct from the SHG glass house – what a luxury!

As you can see, Olivia has done a beautiful job documenting each step of our dishes, and even worked her magic on yours truly! This project also has additional significance, as Hilary was the first person we met on our Edinburgh food journey, so it felt fantastic that she was involved in one of our last projects, providing assistance and support.

After months of date deliberation and procrastination we finally got there, with lots of scrumptious food and photographs – well done ladies!

A huge thank you to the Secret Herb Garden for allowing us to use their space; if you haven't been already, then you really must. Book a tour to see the bees (or better, sponsor them!), treat yourself to a slice of cake in the fragrant glass house, or speak to the team about using the space for something exciting.