This weekend's supper was one of our most fun yet - savoury jelly & ice cream, porn scratchings, cocktail pistols... Oh and some good grub too!

After our wonderful guests arrived, we kicked off the night with our classic combination of welcome fizz and home-made bread and dips, but then we went slightly off piste...

'Jelly & Ice Cream' to start, came in the form of cucumber jelly, avocado ice cream, mackerel tartar, zesty white crab, micro herbs, and a 'driftwood' brown crab tuile biscuit.

Our main course was a little bit cheeky - sticky pig cheeks with fennel seeds, pork loin, artichoke, potato dauphinoise, apple sauce and wild garlic, served with an additional side of pork scratchings in a porn cone... No, seriously.

Finally, dessert of chocolate and pistachio marble cake, custard cream, dark choc popping candy popcorn, raspberry sauce, fresh raspberries and candy floss, all washed down with cocktail pistols, to be squirted, well, IN YA FACE!

Anna HamiltonComment