Secret Herb Garden

Secret Herb Garden celebrated their 1st birthday yesterday, and we were invited to celebrate with them, with a tour of the gardens from co-founder Hamish Martin, music from the Funk Wagen (a converted VW camper), a much anticipated walk to the beehives with third generation beekeeper Brian Pool, food made by charismatic chef Neil Forbes from Cafe St Honore, shelter from impending drizzle by Stretch Tents Scotland, as well as lots of other wee treats.

Our first visit to SHG was earlier in the week, for their May Full Moon Dinner, with food and wines chosen and created by the Timberyard Team. However, it was yesterday, in the light of day, that it became more apparent how successfully Hamish and Liberty have managed to turn, what was essentially a derelict greenhouse, in to something really magical - a peaceful enclave for all things herbs (or what we may refer to as weeds) - that's right people, it's time to love your dandelions! During Hamish's tour we were passed all sorts of leaves that, as well as being quite tasty in a salad, have fantastic medicinal properties, such as the iron rich and cleansing stinging nettle, or ground elder, which can be cooked in a similar way to spinach, tastes mildly of parsley and has diuretic properties, yum yum!

If you haven't been to the Secret Herb Garden already, then you really must. Book a tour to see the bees (or better, sponsor them!), treat yourself to a slice of cake in the warm and fragrant greenhouse, try and grab Hamish for an inspiring talk about eating the hedgerow, or speak to the team about using the space for something exciting - unsurprisingly, weddings seem to be very popular this year...!