The Signature Supper


This weekend it was all about The Signature Supper - a collaborative pop up at St. Stephen's Church, with The Fireside Collective, Sarah Jane Cooking and The Smoked Duck.

Since arriving in Edinburgh and meeting some of the wonderful women behind Edinburgh's alternative dining scene we have wanted to collaborate on a 3-way menu. Finally (after finding a date that meant we were all in the city at the same time!), this collaboration became a reality, with Louise (Fireside) taking the helm with logistics and design, Alright Treacle creating canapés and starters, a main course made by Sarah Jane, and Felicia (The Smoked Duck) working her magic with pastry for dessert and petit fours.

The scene was set with dusky pint hydrangeas, scented hyacinths and candlelit round tables in the lower ground floor of St. Stephen's church...

As per the theme of 'signature', we chose dishes that we were confident showed off our individual styles, so, of course, our canapés were leafy and fresh. Starting with our signature chipotle beef cups (with sour cream, coriander, avocado and fresh chilli), chicory cups (with whipped blue cheese, caramelised pear and hazelnuts), and cumin toasted pittas (with beetroot and horseradish houmous, roasted tomato and a basil leaf).

We chose to serve a starter tested at IN YA FACE! last month - lemon zest dill and white crab meat with mackerel ceviche, cucumber jelly, avocado ice cream, borage flowers lovingly donated by the Secret Herb Garden, and a brown crab tuile biscuit.

SJ opted for a sharing main course of tender crusted lamb, asparagus salad, Jersey royals, and a mint and elderflower sauce. Whilst Felicia made delicious cardamom custard tarts, served with a celebration of berries, including strawberry sorbet and sugared raspberries, all finished off with lemon curd meringue kisses and coffee.

It was a great opportunity for all of us to collaborate with fellow food lovers and makers on a project, so thank you for all of your support, a big thank you to Isabel McCabe for assisting with service and taking these wonderful photographs, and of course our fantastic waiter.

We are hosting a supper back at our Toll Cross HQ next weekend (13th June), celebrating our favourite bloom - the elderflower. Book here!