Top 10

We love hosting private suppers at Alright Treacle. It's always an absolute pleasure seeing our HQ turned in to a bustling event space, with a rip-roaring atmosphere and (of course) our signature bespoke menu, and last Saturday was no exception.

After attending our Anti-Valentines supper back in February, we were asked to host a birthday party for the gorgeous Georgie and her pals, as she was keen on the idea of having her own one-off supper club.

Rather than providing a theme, we asked Georgie to collate her favourite 10 ingredients (harder than its sounds, as her original list was 35!), then we would try and include everything in to the menu.

Georgie's list - shellfish, courgette flowers, pistachios, berries, artichoke, saffron, cardamom, avocado, goats cheese, truffle oil - we couldn't have picked better ourselves - challenge accepted!

Starter - Scallops, artichoke puree, crispy onion and pistachio crumble, truffle oil

Main - Saffron baked hake, goats cheese stuffed courgette flower, avocado and red pepper puree, roasted vine tomatoes, sautéed potatoes

Dessert - Orange and almond cake, cardamom custard, berries, pistachio brittle, edible flowers

The menu seemed to go down a treat and the event itself was a joy to host. Lovely people, an elegant space and clever cooking - we'll consider that an AT hat-trick!

If you like the sound of your own bespoke supper, then get in touch at info@alright-treacle.com.