California Dreamin'

It was a hen-spectacular at Alright Treacle last weekend, with a lively bunch of lassies celebrating their pal's upcoming nuptials at our wee HQ.

Our theme from Yvonne (the maid of honour) was 'California', with an emphasis on light, bright and seafood, as Cali is Jacq's (the bride's) favourite destination.

To start we made a deconstructed California roll - brown crab emulsion, herby white crab, avocado puree, grapefruit segments, cucumber jelly and seaweed tuile biscuits.

The main course was our take on U.S. favourite fish tacos - pan fried cod, sweetcorn set custard, charred corn, pea and tomato salsa, scallop tacos and coriander cress.

Finally, a set lemon cream with blueberry centre, white chocolate cookie dough base, blackcurrants, homemade lemon curd and caramel. 

Thank you to the gals for choosing Alright Treacle to kick off a raucous and fun-filled night! If you're keen to have a bespoke evening of celebrations then get in touch at info@alright-treacle.com.