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Chorizo Croquettes

We would be lying if we said this was a planned dish, however, what it lacked in forethought it made up for in taste.

If like us you have left over mash knocking around sometimes, then croquettes are an easy way to get two meals from one. We chose to make ours using chorizo, shallot and orange - 

Start by frying off chorizo in a pan, do this slowly so that it doesn't burn and toughen up. When it's cooked through add spinach leaves and take off the heat, so that the leaves wilt in the residual heat.

In a bowl mix the left over mash with finely diced shallots, grated parmesan, the wilted spinach and chorizo, chilli, herbs (we used mint and parsley) and orange zest, then add one egg - we use an egg at this stage so that the mixture is sticky for bread crumbing, rather than having to coat it in egg mix and then crumb - who's got that kind of time?!

Put the mix in the fridge for 15 minutes or so, then shape in to whatever you like really - we went for a good healthy-sized oblong!

For the crumb we used finely blended salt and pepper croutons, as they provide a lovely crunch and good flavour.

Roll the croquette mix in the crumb and deep fry until lovely and golden. Season with more grated orange and salt, and serve with salad (and a blob of mayonnaise!) - cheap and cheerful Sunday supper.