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Passion Fruit Tart

This week we made a passion fruit tart and it was delicious!

Usually we don't post recipes, because we think taste is more important than precise measurements, aka, we don't usually write them down! However, this was such a delight to make (and a recipe was noted) so if you fancy a slice, here's how we did it - 

For the pastry - 200g plain flour - 100g unsalted butter - 1 small egg

For the filling - 9 passion fruit  - 1 lime - 200ml double cream - 100ml whole milk - 200g caster sugar - 3 eggs

Mix the cold butter in to the flour using your hands until it turns in to a crumble mixture. Add the egg and mix further until it forms a pastry dough - if its too wet add more flour/too dry add a dash of water.

Try not to over-mix the dough at this stage however, as it will lose it's crumb after baking. Leave the pastry to chill in the fridge for 30 minutes then roll on to an oiled pastry case, prick with a fork and leave in the fridge whilst you make your filling.

Heat the double cream and milk in a pan with the passion fruit and lime juice for 10 (or so) minutes. Don't let the mixture come to boiling point, all you want to do is infuse the cream with the fruit.

Sieve out the seeds, put back in to the pan and add the sugar - our recipe is to taste, however if you prefer your tarts more tart (or even sweeter) then sweeten accordingly. When you're happy with the flavour, leave the mixture to cool slightly and blind bake the pasty for 15 minutes at 150 °C. 

Add the eggs to your cream mixture, pour in to the pastry case and cook for 25 - 30 minutes. The filling should have a slight wobble when it comes out of the oven, so don't be alarmed as this will set and keep the tart creamy.

We simply grated lime zest over the top, however fresh berries would also be a lovely accompaniment - or single cream if you really wanted to go town!