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Mackerel Wrap

We raided the reduced section for inspiration and found these goodies, but using the same basic formula, a healthy and cost effective* sandwich substitute is only a wrap away...

peppered mackerel - asparagus - leek - shiitake mushrooms - sour cream - pea shoots - olive oil - wholewheat wrap

Start with the veggies - slice the asparagus and mushrooms in half, dice the leek quite thickly, and fry in a little bit of olive oil. A top tip at this stage is to put some cling film on the top of the pan and keep it at a low heat - this steams the vegetables and means you don't have to use much oil. Cook until soft, put aside, and flake the mackerel.

We had some left-over sour cream and chive to use in the wrap, however yoghurt/mayonnaise/creme fraiche would work just as well. Put a thin layer of sour cream on the base of your wrap (this keeps it moist), and start piling on your ingredients, starting with the tender sautéed vegetables, then the mackerel, and a little pinch of salt. Finally, add some fresh 'greenery' (we used pea shoots because they're deliciously sweet and crunchy, and reduced!), then a drizzle of olive oil, and finally, wrap.

The vegetable and mackerel mix can be made in advance and refrigerated, so wraps can be made quickly and easily in the morning before work/college etc. Often January is a time for healthy and frugal eating, and this is the perfect recipe for just that. 

*we made four portions for approximately £6 = £1.50 per wrap