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Smoked Salmon Puffs

These salmon puffs are pretty retro, absolutely delicious, and perfect If you have some left-over pastry and smoked salmon from Christmas/New Year - they make lovely canapés, or cut the pastry slightly larger and serve as a warm starter with watercress.

puff pastry - smoked salmon - thick cream - horseradish sauce - capers - spring onion - tarragon - lemon juice - rapeseed oil

Cut the pastry to whatever size you would like the puffs to be, we chose to make generous canapés/bites.

Mix together 2 large spoonfuls of thick cream with 1 spoon of horseradish sauce, and season to taste. Spread a generous dollop of the horseradish cream on to the puff pastry, then add a layer of torn smoked salmon. Cook these for approximately 20 minutes at 180c, until golden brown.

Whilst the puffs cook, make a tart, herby relish by finely dicing a handful of capers, 2 spring onions, a bunch of tarragon, and then mix with the juice of 1 lemon, a good glug of rapeseed oil (ours was flavoured with preserved lemons), and salt and pepper.

Remove the salmon puffs from the oven and cover with a liberal amount of the caper mixture and another drizzle of rapeseed oil, and some fresh tarragon leaves if you're feeling fancy!