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Trout for Two

Valentines is fast approaching, so why not try this fresh and healthy meal for two, with everything you need on one plate.

trout - potatoes - samphire - spring onions - capers - chilli - dill - lemons - eggs - flaked almonds

Start by roasting off 6 - 10 new potatoes (depending on your appetite) with oil and seasoning, for around 30 minutes at 200c - until golden an crispy.

While they're cooking, put lots of dill and lemon in to a whole trout with a little bit of olive oil, and cook en papillote for 10/15 minutes whilst the potatoes are roasting.

Sauté off a bunch of samphire with butter and seasoning, then once cooked (soft but with a little bit of bite), add some finely chopped chilli, spring onion, capers and lemon juice - these will infuse the sauce created by the cooked samphire. Soft boil 3 - 4 eggs (which takes 3 - 4 minutes).

Once the fish is cooked, peel off the skin carefully, and lay it on a large serving plate. Add your roasted potatoes around it, and then the samphire, caper, chilli and spring onion mix. Cut the eggs in half and also place around the fish, and season with lots of black pepper. 

Finally, add a scattering of toasted almonds over the trout - they go perfectly together, and look pleasingly like scales.

We ate this with a quick dill mayo (low fat mayonnaise, finely chopped dill and a squeeze of lemon juice), and it didn't last long! Try it as an alternative Valentines dish this weekend, let trout be the food of love...!