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Mango Sorbet

We're serving some scrumptious fresh mango sorbet at this weekend's conFUSION supper, and wanted to share the love with this uber easy recipe, using ripe Indian mangoes (that happen to have the most incredible colour!).

5 small-medium/3 large mangoes - 240g icing sugar - 1 lemon - 1 lime

Peel and dice the mangoes (ours were so ripe that the flesh could be scooped using a spoon), and put into a food processor with the icing sugar, and the lime and lemon juice, then blitz until the mixture is a fine puree. If the puree is too sweet for your palette then add the juice of more lemon - not sweet enough, more icing sugar.

Put the mixture in to an ice cream maker and churn for 20-30 minutes, then chill in the freezer until required. If you don't happen to have a ice cream maker then limber up, and use a whisk to break up the ice crystals every hour or so for a couple of hours.

We served ours will a few shards of coconut sugar glass for texture, and additional tropical taste, and let it be known... sorbet is perhaps the hardest thing to photograph!!