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Wild Garlic Gnocchi

It’s coming to the end of the wild garlic season unfortunately, so why not go out with a bang with our delicious recipe for wild garlic gnocchi, which we served with pistachios and grilled goat’s cheese.  

3 large baking potatoes – 80g wild garlic – 30g butter – 250g plain flour – 1 egg yolk

Start by baking your potatoes in the oven until soft for roughly an hour (or cheat like us with a microwave for 20 minutes then bake for 10).

Scoop the potato mix into a ricer/sieve and pass until fine. If you don’t have either of these kitchen gadgets then mash like a mad thing! The tip is to make sure you do this whilst the tatties are piping hot, or they will start to lump. 

Heat the wild garlic in a pan with roughly 20g of the butter until wilted, then whizz in a blender until softened and slightly pulpy.

Mix the potato and wild garlic together, then the egg yolk, then sieve in the flour with a good pinch of salt and pepper.

Leave the mix to cool in the fridge, then roll out on to a floured surface in to a sausage shape and flatten slightly. Cut in to bite-sized portions and put in to a pan of boiling water. Once the gnocchi have floated to the surface they're ready to be drained.

Heat up a frying pan with the remaining butter, let it brown slightly then pop in the gnocchi to crisp on each side. Season to taste, then serve.