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Chicken, Bacon & Butternut Salad

It's been a wonderful Easter break for Alright Treacle, and while we were away we made this delicious chicken, bacon and butternut squash salad. Yes, we know, another salad! But this ones a bit naughtier, with sweet sticky chicken, crispy bacon and paprika roasted butternut.

6 chicken thighs - 1 butternut squash - smoked paprika - 8 bacon rashers - ginger - garlic - tarragon - coriander - chilli - soy sauce - sweet chilli sauce - shallot - tomatoes - almonds - salad leaves - white wine vinegar

Firstly, marinade the chicken thighs in a mixture of finely chopped garlic, ginger, tarragon, coriander, chilli, shallot, soy sauce and sweet chilli sauce, and set aside for at least an hour to infuse.

Slice the butternut squash and roast in a tray for 20 - 30 minutes at 200c, with olive oil and a pinch of smoked paprika until golden. Once cooked, remove from the tray and replace with the chicken thighs (and all the marinade) to roast for 30 - 40 minutes until golden and cooked through.

On a separate tray, cook the bacon, tomatoes and almonds, cutting the bacon in to bite-sized pieces when crispy.

Once the chicken is roasted, remove the skin, cut in to smaller chunks, and place back in to the cooking juices so that it coats the chicken all over.

Finally, assemble the salad by combining the squash, bacon, tomatoes, almonds and chicken pieces, with a glug of white white vinegar to cut the richness. Then toss with a bag of fresh green salad leaves, more chopped coriander and tarragon, fresh chilli, and then plate.

Serves 6