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Masala Squid


Squid has to be one of our absolute favourite things in most forms, crispy and with a dipping sauce even better! So having found an establishment in Brighton that does a particularly scrumptious masala version, we thought we would have a go - shared squid bites, with an Indian twist.

12/14 small squid* - vegetable oil - 100g plain flour - 20g cornflour - 20g masala spice blend - 10g turmeric - 2 tsp black onion seeds - salt - 1 red onion - 2 red chilli - coriander - lime

mayonnaise - mango chutney - lime - ginger

Heat up the cooking oil in a large pan. Pat the squid dry with kitchen paper, then cut in to rings - don't dispose of the tentacles, these are the best bit! Finely slice the red onions and chilli.

Mix the flour, cornflour, masala, turmeric and black onion seeds with a good pinch of salt, then add the squid, chilli and onion, ensuring everything is coated in the masala flour.

Test the oil with a slice of onion, if its nice and hot then cook the squid until brown and crisp, this is often easier in batches, so that the pan isn't overcrowded and loses heat.

Season with another good pinch of salt, squeeze of lime and scattering of coriander leaves.

We served ours with a simple dipping sauce of mayonnaise, mango chutney, finely grated fresh ginger and lime juice to taste.

*Most supermarkets will have prepped and frozen baby squid, which are fuss free and ready to use.

Serves a crowd