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Bacon, Pineapple & Broad Bean Summer Salad


This recipe really couldn't be easier - delicious and fail safe combinations of sweet sticky pineapple, salty bacon and fresh seasonal veggies, the perfect summer treat!

6 rashes bacon - 1/2 pineapple - bunch of asparagus - radish - ice gem lettuce - chives - mint

Dijon mustard - chilli flakes - olive oil - white balsamic - seasoning

Grill the bacon* until the edges turn crisp, then cut in to slices. At the same time, cut the pineapple into similar sized chunks and grill using a BBQ, griddle or frying pan.

Boil the broad beans, and when partially cooked add the asparagus and cook until both are tender but with a little bite, then blanche to stop the cooking process. We like to peel the broad beans for this recipe, which is super simple once cooked, and leaves a more creamy texture.

Slice and trim the radishes, mint and lettuce in to bite-sized chunks and combine with the other ingredients, and a simple dressing of Dijon mustard, chilli flakes, olive oil, white balsamic (or white wine vinegar) and season to taste.

*Feta is a delicious veggie alternative to bacon for this salad.

Serves 4