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Turkish Delight Cheesecake


For any and all Turkish Delight fans out there, this in the dessert for you - delicious creamy cheesecakes with a buttery biscuit base. They're super easy to rustle up in mini form, or as one large sharing centre piece for a special occasion.

80g butter - 200g ginger nut biscuits - 100ml sour cream - 3 bars Turkish Delight - 2 gelatine leaves - 40g caster sugar - 200g cream cheese - 1 tsp rose water - 150ml double cream - raspberries

Make the cheesecake base by blitzing the ginger nuts, melting the butter, and combining with a small pinch of salt. Press the mix in to either 10 mini moulds or one large tin and refrigerate while you make the filling.

Melt one bar of Turkish Delight over a low heat, then add the sour cream. Take off the heat to cool slightly and add the gelatine to dissolve (gelatine leaves soften in cold water).

Combine the sugar, rose water and cream cheese, then add the sour cream mix with two Turkish Delight bars, chopped in to bite-sized pieces. Whisk the double cream in a separate bowl and lightly fold everything together.

Pour the cream mix in to the moulds or tin and refrigerate until firm.

We served ours with additional rose petals and tart raspberries to offset the sweetness - delish!