Snap, Crackle, Pop

  • Edinburgh HQ 4 (2f2) Panmure Place Edinburgh, EH3 9JJ United Kingdom

This weekend's supper was SOOOO MUUUUCH FUN!

Our theme of Snap, Crackle, Pop got us so excited when we were devising the menu - we knew we were on to a goodun!

SNAP - Poppy seed (snap) biscuits, with smoked salmon mousse, horseradish cream, candied beets, pickled beets (chioggia, the pretty pink kind), smoked salmon and rocket.

CRACKLE - Crackling (obvs), hoisin pork (with popping candy), sweetcorn fritter, lime butter lobster and coriander cress.

POP - Banana tart, salted caramel & smoked bacon ice cream, blueberries, banana chips and POPPING balloon garnish (full of coco pops).

A full house of fabulous people, some family, some friends, some new faces - we love what we do here at AT HQ,

February 14
March 14